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the secret of happiness


On the way the cybercafe, I noticed a boy of six or seven years old. He was wearing torn clothes, but his face was smiling, full of hope and vitality, I was curious, so I went to talk with him for a few minutes. ![pexels-photo-597657.jpeg]( After talking to him, I realized that his parents had died about a year ago, and that he could not find anyone reliable or someone to turn to. He is alone. But it seemed to me that he was happy smile does not leave his face despite what he has lived . [source]( Hearing his words made me feel very sad I told him that he could come with me to the house but he refused and lifted his head and eyes to heaven and said, "Heaven is mercy". I put my hand in my pocket and gave him the money, but he refused to take it first until I convinced him. This position filled my mind for many hours, a position that motivates the man to meditate. A boy who has no family or friends and no shelter to protect him from harsh cold in winter and heat in summer. How does a smile know his way in his life and how happiness fills his heart? While the people who own the world and what's inside (palaces, luxury cars and luxury restaurants) have never appreciated the taste of happiness. ![14116129925_592be5e87d_b.jpg]( [source]( A strange paradox, right? The equation of happiness is not an important element, it is the element of contentment. The secret lies not in the collection of wealth or accumulation of funds, nor in the residence of the most beautiful palaces. The more a person is convinced of what he has and is satisfied with the fate of his destiny, the greater is the chance to taste it for the taste of sweet happiness. Happiness stems from the heart of the person... How can you be happy when you've committed mistakes in your life? Your conscience will not stop bothering you. Are you happy? If not, believe that you can! Do not let the idea of money overwhelms you. Be a good and polite person to your family. Search for wisdom and reverence in your surroundings. Happiness comes automatically to you. Let the prisoners of money live in their own prison. ![11bd70829e55c787140c6d525f0288f2cd7d7a7d.jpg](
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