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Advice not to be 'emotional' with vaccines.



Former Vice Chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Virologist Prof. 
Dr. Nazrul Islam. He was speaking at a press conference titled 'Proper Management of Corona Ticker' at
Public Health Nagar Hospital in Dhanmondi, Dhaka on Friday. "It simply came to our notice then. When emotional, it causes chaos.
What is the government doing? The government is trying. If we think that the government is trying to steal, it is not right.
' Member of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19. Nazrul said,
"The vaccines that are being given to the people now are called" first generation "vaccines.
Thousands of people will be re-analyzed after being vaccinated. Then the second generation vaccine will be given. '

He said the first generation vaccine had not been used in large quantities before. 
Professor Nazrul Islam said, ‘Not before, because there was time. Now that there is no time, we need to hurry.
That is why we are taking the first generation vaccine, people all over the world are taking it. ' "It's raising a lot of questions," he said.
Not willing to give so many people in India. 23 old people have died in Norway.
That's what happened in Pfizer's vaccine.
Then it is a deadly thing. Again in the UK old people have been given, no one has died.
Then we have to analyze all this. ' "The relationship between fear and not getting vaccinated is very weak," he said. Nothing but, still scary.
Not being vaccinated with fear is a psychological matter. We will focus on the biological, the physical.
We will see if we are really harmed. '


Referring to the EPI vaccines ranging in age from 10 to 20 years, Professor Nazrul Islam said, 
"That's why they are the best. And our Corona vaccine is just a journey, not even a year.
There are many things we need to consider.
There is no work to be done emotionally. ' A study by Shahjalal University claims to have identified six types of coronaviruses in Bangladesh,
and also talks to Professor Nazrul about whether the newly discovered vaccines will work on these viruses. "This vaccine will work," he said. The genome sequence of coronavirus has been done in Bangladesh,
where it has been found that the vaccine will act as a neutralizing antibody in the human body.

Attended the press conference, former director of the Department of Health, Professor. Zakir Hossain. 
"There is a vaccine company in Germany called Cure-Vac, which has not yet come up with the coronavirus vaccine,"
he said. They say the coronavirus vaccine will last six months.
And Pfizer says it will be effective for one year. It has not yet been properly stated. " "If it lasts for five months, and if everyone can get vaccinated during this time, the virus will be gone," he said. Jafrullah Chowdhury, trustee of the public health center, said at the press conference,
"I want to raise the issue of vaccine directly to the nation." There is no reason to be afraid of the vaccine. ' At the press conference, among others, the chairman of the Department of Pharmacology, BSMMU Professor. Saidur Rahman,
vice president of the Public Health Medical College. Muhib Ullah Khandaker, Media Advisor at the Center for Public Health Jahangir Alam Mintu were present.

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