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Phototalent || Small predators that resemble dragonflies || Pc-macro


***Hi photography lovers from a macro lens !!! What's the news for all of you? May you all be healthy and always in His protection.*** ***On this occasion, I @mih wanted to present 3 macro photography of small animals that have tails that are almost similar to Dragonfly.I have searched for this animal's special name, but most of their names are called common names, for example "daragonfil". So I did not find the special name of this unique and tiny animal.*** ***The first time I saw a photo of this animal on social media on one of my friends' Facebook's, he was also one of the photographers who were experts in hunting small-sized animals.*** ***Most animals that are always targeted for macro photos are these animals, he is very clever to get macro photos of these animals even in various styles, besides, the details of the object produced are very accurate, but the camera he uses to get photos of animals is not smartphone cameras, but the digital camera from the Canon brand, wow ... is really amazing, especially because he added a macro lens that costs millions of rupiah.*** ***Dear friends, on the results of my photo this time, I slightly imitated the photo style of one of the photographers I mentioned above.Well ... although my macro photos aren't as good as senior photographers, at least I've tried to produce and give the best. If there are still many shortcomings, it's only natural because I'm just an amateur photographer who relies on cameras from smartphones and macro lenses from the production of used goods that have been processed so they can be used on smartphone cameras.*** ![IMG_20181127_112548.jpg]( #### ***Thank you for those of you who have visited my blog or post. Hopefully you will always be interested in the results of the macro photos that I present here.*** *** ### ***Camera and Lens :*** ***Oppo f7/ macro***
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