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What loves to eat, rice not bread? Find out how many calories in a meal.



Gradually,is your weight counting?Despite thousands of attempts,are you getting fat? What do you do, can not you understand?Do not eat any food and eat,do not you understand? Find out how many calories in our daily food list is in a daily food list and Khan in the body of the body ... 1) There are about 272 calories in a plate (that is,about 80 grams).2) A route made up of 20 to 25 grams is about 70 calories. Keeping a bread in this time,calculate how calorie is going to the body.3) A cup of milk, a cup of milk,a cup made of milk,2 tenth of milk,a cup of milk,has a cup of milk,a lot of calories in the quantity of milk and sugar.4) 1 medium-sized lu of 10 grams flour Getting this time with a lot of luchi,how much calorie is going to the body.5) A small bowl made with Ghee and sugar is about 379 calories in Sugir Halu.6) A medium-sized throat filled with potato is about 123 calories.7) A medium sized potato parota has about 210 calories.

8) A medium sized bowl of bhujia contains about 550 to 600 calories.

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