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The story of a busy day


I hope everyone is well and healthy. It's been quite busy for a few days, I've been sick all together. So today I'm here to write a story about a busy day. I hope you like it. Anyway, without further ado, let's get started----

Story of a Busy Day:


Life means busyness. And every moment of this busy life is taking steps, judging good and bad, deciding when or whether it is good or bad. Just like everyone's life, some busyness is working in my life.

A few days ago, I gave the final exam of a semester. But the time is very short, as each semester passes, the syllabus is increasing. As a result, the pressure to read results is also increasing, but the time is decreasing. When I went to college in the first semester, sir-mam would pipe up and say--- "The first semester. Laugh, play, enjoy. You won't have time in the next semesters."
At that time, none of us paid much attention to the words of the teachers. But with the passage of time, each semester passed by in the blink of an eye. How many friends we had then, but with time, all friends disappeared, everyone was busy with themselves. Originally, each semester was six months, but four months. It seems like it is ending. After the pooja, there will be another semester final exam, so there is no end to worry.

On Thursday, I got up in the morning with stomach pain and got ready to go for tuition. Because there is a puja holiday ahead, sir is giving a lot of notes. So without missing the reading, I took the 7 am bus and got down to our station. Then I bought a train ticket and took the 7.22 train to Burdwan station. I got down. After that I walked one and a half kilometers to sir's house. Sir's house is 17-18 kilometers away from our house. I didn't go to college for many days after the exam. So after finishing my studies, I took toto and went to college to know about class news and to buy books.

Went to college and had tiffin from the canteen. Then at 12 o'clock our mam wrote some notes in a class. We all left the college, now there aren't many classes in the college. I bought a four paper sort question book and a notebook from Kishloy book store. 278. Then again took toto and got down to Burdwan station and waited for a while for the train. Then bought some tiffins and took train for 1.40. Finally got down at our station and took toto again for home. But in the middle I had to change toto again. That's it. Was the story of my busy day.

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