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Videography of rain-soaked cosmos flowers.




Good morning 🌅

how are you all First of all, I wish everyone good health. Hope you all are well by God's grace. Alhamdulillah I am also fine by the grace of Allah. Today I present to you with my new blog. Videography of rain-soaked cosmos flowers. Hope you all like it. Let's begin.



There are different types of cosmos flowers. Flowers are very nice to see. Now photography has become a hobby. I love doing photography as much as I love looking at photography. And sometimes I like doing videography very much. Today I have a wonderful video for you.

I like to travel a lot. And when we try to give you what is pleasing to the eye. I went out to a place. I had three friends with me then. Shortly after getting there, it started raining. I saw different types of cosmos flowers there. I was looking at the rain-soaked cosmos flowers again and again.

After a while the rain stopped. After that I photographed cosmos flowers. After that I did videography of rain soaked cosmos flower. After that we hang out with friends there. Below I have shared videography link of rain soaked cosmos flowers. Hope you all like it.

Wishing you all cooperation. Let me know how you all feel after watching the video. I said goodbye here today. See you again inshallah. Until then, I wish you all good health.

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