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Photography of very beautiful yellow flowers. It looks very beautiful, I hope you will like it.


Photography of yellow hyacinth flowers. This shrimp fruit is known by different names in different countries. This tree is known as Jinge in our village. Zinge trees are commonly seen in homes of people in rural areas of Bangladesh. They plant some trees in any place which is not useful to them so that in future they can collect some fruits from there and use their house.


 Malaysian people do not eat this fruit very few people eat this fruit. People who are expatriates like this fruit because they are used to eating this fruit in Bangladesh so they don't have any problem with this fruit. The expatriates themselves have planted some trees for food. We went here today at noon and saw the beauty blooming.


 Seeing this beautiful yellow flower, I thought I would take some photos of it today and share it with you, so without delay, I took the photography of this yellow flower and with those pictures, I came to you today. This beautiful flower will be liked by whoever sees it. Because God has created and sent some beautiful flowers for us to enjoy, we always feel good when we see those beautiful flowers.

We may not know the name of the flower we see, but we may know the fruit of that mistake. We have many flowers and fruits in this world that we do not know well when we see these flowers through other people's posts or as a result of knowing the name of those flowers but we always like them.



 Friends, this fruit may or may not be known to many people in Bangladesh, but there are many people who like this fruit very much and seeing the flower, they will definitely recognize this flower. To tell the truth, I also like to eat this fruit because it is very good to eat. Friends, you can also eat this fruit if you want, you will like it, but I apologize to you because I could not share this shrimp with you, I am sharing some of its pictures with you today, surely you will like it.

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