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Photography of a beautiful moment in the sky.


Today, Sunday, our work is finished by five in the afternoon, so don't be late. I left work and got fresh. I was looking at the fresh afternoon sky and took several pictures with my mobile phone. The green trees looked very beautiful to me.

 And it looked more beautiful there is a high school here 24 hours a day and night children study there, two towers can be seen from the top of that high school and some trees can be seen around that moment was very nice to see.

 A beautiful big building was visible next to it. The camera zoomed a little and took some photographs of the sky above that building. I am sharing those pictures with you. I hope you will like the pictures of the fall afternoon. Of course, if you like it, friends, then you must comment and give your love. I always like to come up with new photography.

 When we came home from work, we were working far away. At that time my brothers were saying where to work so far, I was saying that I will take some pictures today in the autumn afternoon, so I am going to work a little faster towards the road.

Actually, I still haven't learned the language well, that's why the brothers were telling me to leave quickly. If you don't know the language of the country you want to live in, it will be a little difficult to move well, so they told me not to go far and collect several pictures from the call. I will come

 This natural beauty of ours is in the middle of nature, so many beautiful green plants, rivers and canals, canals, bills and houses have been created by the creator to see a very beautiful sky, but there are so many beautiful things that look so beautiful that we know these things as natural beauty and we enjoy this natural beauty. Can be happy.

 Thank you all friends, this is the end of today, we will talk about another topic. Thank you very much for being with me. Stay healthy and well.

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