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The taste of any food except green chillies seems to disappear completely


Good afternoon friends, how are you all? I hope you are all well. Today I am going to talk to you about green chillies and I hope you will like it. In fact, this chili is very useful to us.



 In fact we usually use raw peppers to enhance the taste of our cooking. In fact, there is a type of capsaicin inside this raw pepper which increases the saltiness of the raw pepper.


 And this picture was taken from my work site here in a small forest these raw pepper plants. So my brother and I planted these peppers.





*In fact, if you do not plant one thing, then somehow you can understand the amount of yield of this raw pepper tree in any place, if you look at these pictures of me.*





 Any cooking says anything if you want to get a taste in it then you must give pepper if you don't give Morris you will have no taste in that food must accept it because we all use it and we need green pepper with any food Is


 But yes, in case of sweets, it is different if you eat sweets, but if you cook something at home or where you eat something vegetable, if there is no Morris in it, then that curry is not fun.


 So pepper is a usable product in our daily life and in addition to this, in terms of our eating and drinking, this pepper actually plays a huge role in terms of taste.


 ## Some properties of pepper ,,,


> [Eating raw chillies in hot weather keeps the body cool through sweat.

 Eating one raw chilli every day reduces the risk of blood clots.

 Regular consumption of raw chillies reduces various heart problems.

 Raw chillies help burn calories by increasing metabolism.

 Raw peppers are rich in the antioxidant beta carotene which keeps the cardiovascular system functioning.

  Regular consumption of raw chillies increases immunity.

 Raw pepper lowers blood cholesterol.

 Raw peppers contain vitamin A which helps keep bones, teeth and mucous membranes healthy.](


 But yes, if you eat green chillies every day and it is better to eat raw chillies without cooking it, if you eat regular raw chillies once a day, it has vitamin C in it and if you give 360 ​if you cook it, the vitamin C of it is wasted.





 So if you want to get some of your raw chili disease vitamins, then you should try to eat one at a time, but chili is with food and cooking.


 Thanks everyone for reading this short post of mine and hope you like it. Thanks again everyone.



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