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What is the easiest way to make life easier?


Stop trying to make things easier: Use a discomfort as a compass. See number 2.
Work really hard: I ran 50km in April. [1] Walking by bus is now easier.
Stop trying to control things: your limbs move without thinking about them. Instead of worrying about everything, pretend it's your heartbeat and let it happen.
Cut out the negative trash: Negative food, negative people, negative news sources (all news). Cut out all this rubbish.
You talk to yourself:I write 750 words a day without asking any questions. Even if I don't want to. It mostly speaks to itself. I am now my own best friend.
Decide less: Ever struggled to get ice cream at an ice cream shop? Which is what I used to do. Now I consume the first flavor that comes to my mind. I also threw away my cupboard and bought 3 shirts. No one ever said anything.
Sleep more: Do not use any alarm. Try to go to bed early. It is a superpower. My waking time goes 40x better when my sleep is better.
Love yourself: Another superpower. We are very strict on ourselves. I remind myself every day I love myself. Bad day? Look in the mirror and look into your own eyes. Tell that beautiful face how much you love her.
Create: Creation will free your mind. Set aside a portion of your time to work creatively and you will begin to see the world differently. Everything is inspiration.
Realize no one really cares: go for a drive. Take a walk. Do you see the old woman carrying her groceries? He lives a beautiful and complex life like you. Do you think that you care about what you are going to do tomorrow? Go and do your own thing. No one else will care about you like you. So you make it even better. Fascinate yourself for it.

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