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Integrated farms are being set up in all parts of Bangladesh.


Coronavirus is teaching us a lot of new things. Many people say that if Corona stays, then we have to stay with her. Is it possible to survive with such panic all the time? But it is also true that the kind of fear that will make a home in your mind will kill him before it kills him. Corona must win without fear. That's why everyone now
The body's immune system must be maintained in any way, all health rules must be followed. Every day a lemon, an egg, a little vegetable, milk, meat or fish - these should be eaten. In no way can the body's immune system be reduced now. When the immune system is weakened, not only do we get sick, but other diseases can quickly overwhelm us and even kill us. To increase the body's resistance to disease, you need nutritious and safe food every day. The backyard can be the main source of safe and nutritious food. We can produce fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, milk, fish, spices, etc. by taking advantage of every inch of space at home. It is not only the nutrition or health protection of the family - it is also possible to increase the production of various products by using every inch of space planned.
The concept of integrated farms
Farms are the places where different types of agricultural products are produced. It is a multi-purpose farm as many products are produced in the homestead. Such farms take into account the relationship between different productions i.e. use the byproducts of one and use in the production of the other and when produced in a planned manner it becomes an integrated farm. In this case, all possible technologies are combined. Such farms save on production costs as well as the opportunity to produce a variety of products. It also reduces business risk.
Plan to use space per inch
If you want to make your home a beautiful dream home, you first need a proper plan. No matter what your home is, no matter how much space you have - it is possible to give it a beautiful look. For this, first you have to draw a design on paper. The boundaries of the house should be drawn first by pointing the paper according to the amount of land available. Then you have to mark the entrance to the house. The installations within the boundaries where there are houses, ponds, toilets, barns, poultry houses, tubewells etc. should be identified. Then the design should show where the plants are. After drawing what is there now, we have to see where there is an opportunity to use it in production. There are different types of space in a house. All places have to be brought under production, every inch of space has to be utilized, backyards have to be kept. The production plan needs to be balanced to ensure that most of the daily food needs are provided from home throughout the year.
Getting started
Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. If you want to make a home a dream home, all the family members have to give a little time first. If family members work together, it will be easier to do the work, they will be able to keep the body healthy by doing some physical work themselves and the family relationship will also improve. The food produced from the family farm built by their own hard work will give you nutrition, good taste and indescribable joy. So what you want to do at home is for family members
Discuss with. Give importance to the preferences of the members. Then make a list of where and what to produce. There are two things you need to do before going into production - first it is better to have a wall at the boundary of the house, otherwise surround the house with a fence. It is needed for protection and beauty. Anyone can see that the enclosed place is your home. The second task is to renovate your house, barn or poultry house as much as possible. If you can't do it all at once, it can be done step by step. If there is a pond, repair it. Necessary information needs to be collected to modernize these installations.
What can be done in that place of home

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