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Do this if you want to always be good.


Reduce unnecessary use of internet.
Try to bring life into strict rules little by little every day.
Be patient.
Learn to forgive.
Listen more, talk less.
Reduce showoff on social media.
Help people as much as you can.
Try to keep your personal matters to yourself.
If you can keep yourself free from anger, egoism, violence, hatred, Kama Sutra, greed, laziness, slander, you can be good.
Reduce Hindi-Tamil-Telugu movie viewing.
Occasionally focus on religious activities.
Stop interfering in the personal affairs of others.
Speak the truth
Get rid of negative thoughts.
Think simple.
Give up expecting too much.
Be self-reliant.
Don't be harsh.
Love everyone.
Be kind
Makes positive changes in mentality and thinking.
No matter how much trouble comes in life, it is terrible — always smile and remove the trouble from the mind.

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