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Don't Be Distracted!



All of us wants to preach and declare the word of God.

But due to this pandemic, we are hesitate to do that.

We want to preach the Bible with Power, but most of a Christians are hard to pay attention.

If you are one of them, you are not alone.

That's why we persist to use different platform like this to spread the good news.

That's why we've collected the world's most powerful, biblical preaching ideas and baked them into innovations.

Read and study the word of God day and night.

Ask God for guidance, and pray hard.

We have a task that need to implement.

No matter what the situation, no one can stop the gospel.

A distracted Christian can still connect with God's word.



God given us a privilege to use by means of Ministry, Don't waste our time, it's precious...


May God Bless you more!


Your Brother in Christ,


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