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Advice to all Christians...

Let's read 1Thessalonians 5:16-18

In this passage Paul offered a word of advice to all Christians:
First, They should rejoice, even in times of trials and persecutions, because of the rewards are waiting for them.

Second, That they should pray without ceasing, not only by the habit of making sets of prayers at specific times, but also by a spiritual intention and direction that should pervade all their activities.

And Third, that they should be thankful to God for everything, both good or bad, because all have been ordained for their spiritual warfare.

And furthermore, thanksgiving for benefits received is one of the surest means of obtaining more favors.
Rejoice always, continuous prayer for it is the will of God concerning you.

He means to say that such is the will of God in their regard as through Christ Jesus. 

This is what God's desire from those who are in Christ.  



In a world filled with loud voices, lets make sure GOD'S voice is the loudest. 


May ​​​​​​​​the Lord Blesses you...


Your Brother in Christ,


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