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Sereyguard updated rules (updated, no limit with reputation)


![fd742cbaaaf6ec3cec1f0196141c14e39d167d44.jpg]( ## This is an announcement about the updated rules for serey-guard and how to prevent being flagged. ## What is the role of serey guard? The role of serey guard is to protect the platform from plagiarism and abuse, serey guard also here to reward all quality writers and new users. All serey coin need to be distributed equally and fairly. I only will reward users if they have done quality posts and included all source links to their images and quotes. I will not reward any users if they just write a few sentences and I will lower the reward if it hits the trending list. This platform is about quality blogs. ## How to avoid flags from serey guard? 1. Plagiarism posts will always receive a flag if you haven't included the source link and Serey will not accept plagiarism. 2. If you only written a few sentence and you have became on the trending list or got a reward above 100 serey, your reward will be lowered to a acceptable standard. 3. self voting your post very high for low quality post will be flagged to a acceptable reward. ## Blacklist The blacklist is only for severe cases like secretly self voting your comments and any other things that will damage the platform and the price value of the coin. The community is encouraged to notify Sereyguard about secretly self-upvoting comments as it is for the benefit for the whole community. In the future though, when we have updated our blockchain, it will be allowed to self upvote comments. ## The use of sereyguard tag This tag isn't to receive a upvote for all users it was only meant to get my attention to see if your post reward was too low (for users below 71). I have decided to remove the sereyguard tags for upvotes and you must only use the tag if you have a issue! ## What is the maxium reward can a post can achieve? At the moment the maximum a post can achieve is 250-300 Serey, if any post reward go above 300 it will be lowered. This is only temporary due to low users and when users pick up there might be no limit but for now it only 250- 300. ## Criteria to receive an upvote from serey guard 1- **Reputation must above 24** 2- **All source links for images and quotes must be included if you use someone else's work** 3- **-Your post must contain more then 150 words** 4- **Your post must not have more then 50 serey already rewarded**
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