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Lotus Flower: Resilience



The lotus flower is a species worth admiring for its strange physiognomy compared to other plants because it has the peculiarity of being an aquatic plant. It is a legendary plant, full of myths and legends of different cultures and religions, above all, oriental.

This uniquely beautiful plant only grows in the mud and has the ability to be reborn every day; At night, the flower closes and submerges under the water, and at dawn emerges and reopens splendidly. Given the eccentricity of this plant, it has been the subject of numerous stories and metaphors.

Legend has it that a beautiful goddess fled to save her life in a forest called Lotus, a place that the gods had destined for those people who had failed in life. When getting lost in this forest without finding an exit, the goddess dies and reincarnates in a beautiful flower (there are those who say that the gods, seeing the injustice happened with the death of the goddess decided to turn it into a flower), which they called Lotus Flower.

While there are many stories that revolve around this flower, the common line is the association of the lotus flower with what we call resilience, which is the ability of a person to face the adversities of life, transform the pain and anger at something productive. It is often the case that a person is resilient when he "forges his own destiny". In reality, it does not sound very convincing that destiny is something that can be "forged", because it is clear that our destiny always implies an environment, and that environment always implies others. In fact, we can consider ourselves as resilient people, not when we manage to get ahead, in spite of everything and everyone, but when we manage to do it, in spite of ourselves.

To be resilient is to know ourselves. It is to understand that things constantly happen around us, in spite of us, and that it is oneself who must allow, or not, affect it. To be resilient is to use the resources that we have inside of us, so that despite our fears and defects, despite everything that happens so disastrously around us, we can find the dynamic equilibrium with what surrounds us, and thus achieve emerge every day as Lotus Flowers.

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Photos taken with Nikon Coolpix L830 Bogotá, Colombia
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