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A fairy tale



![images(8).jpg]( He's a long time ago. From this world Far away was a country. Where the pirates Come and talk to people. Birds, fish Talk about everything. Where the rain trees That At the bottom of the tree standing rain and with the rain Sweet fragrance. There was a river of happiness. That river When someone sits beside him, the river He removes his sorrow. There was a small side of the river Village Aparajita's name was in the village A little girl. Everyone called him a confusion Called. Everyone calls in their homes Eating food He is that heavy lucky Girl How old is it? Barely 3 Have teeth Crushing all day, Dancing with butterflies, birds of the forest Sing with What his voice is sweet Listening to his songs, All the trees of the forest dances, water fish He was listening to music on the shore. In the evening The pirates came and told stories with him. More It was a strange thing to come. They get laughing and screaming. One day, sitting next to the river of happiness, all together Aparajita started crying A river flows into the river of happiness. The river of happiness said, "Oma, Water in your eyes What a misery you say Me I'll take it all away ". "My mother is a very sick person who enjoys happiness river. Nobody can tell what happened to him. And laying Grandma said that the mother will not live long enough. Mother If not, will there be any happiness in me? "- ![9k=(1).jpg]( Aparajita said, crying crying After seeing the tears of Aparajitra, the whole river's water Shook Fishery of the river, happiness He said to the river, "Go and enjoy the river, You make everyone happy. Who is the mother of the bride You do well We are no longer No person will catch the net " The trees of the forest said to the soil, "You are our soil Keeping everyone alive. Who is the mother of the bride Save you At noon, we are no more flowers, Do not give fruit " At the discussion of the night, the river of happiness, Forests of the forest, the wind and the wings. Everyone is this Aprajeeta's mother was able to find many The way to save Calling the Aparajita, he said, We got one way to save mother. But that's the big hard way " Aparajita cried and said, "Say you What is that way me I am all about saving my mother Can do it ". "Well, but in the morning when the sun mama pur If you wink in the sky then you can do a fun Everyone will blow you up. He went to Phanush Where you read it, in the same way your Ways to save your mother "- said Kajalipi. Put a big fan in the morning Aparajita blown the sky everyone Crying Aparajita, people of the village, rivers, trees, fish Everybody He flew away to fly Phanush Went to a state of unknown unknown. ![9k=.jpg]( There are no grass in all the fishes, there is no tree No water, no water in the water. A big king in front of the palace is in front of the palace Aparajita stood up. The king sat in the house and saw the king sitting Crying. He went to him and said, "Why are you crying?" The king lifted his head and looked up and down One girl standing in a colorful sari. He said, "Who are you? From where You come This sanyasi in my state Curse reads. So there is no tree fruit, There is no water in the river. I could not eat All the people are dying. My only daughter-in-law's son-in-law, Samar and water In the absence of fighting with death ". "I can save your kingdom" - said he Aparajita "What do you say ma! you can? What do! Talk about I'll give you my kingdom if you really are mine You can save the boy whatever you want. "- Said the king Aparajita came out. Come and sing Started singing The grass that he heard of that song All have become refreshing. Plants on all pages Got up on the page The rivers are filled with water Gone How many fish with The life of the prince prince survived by drinking water. Sit down with Samar to make stories Sadly, he said sadarake Samar said, "I know How to save your mother " Aparajita said, "How do !!! Ball me that way? " Samar said, "This state has somebody in the east One rainy tree He stood under the tree It is raining. If you can feed that rain water Your mother, who will live " Then the two of them went on the rain Near the tree. Both are filled with vials and vestments Nilo the rain water Then the prince had his hand pressed down on his horse Took her to her mother. Rain water Aparajita's mother got better after eating A few years later, Raja was told by the news Daughter-in-law, Rajkumar Samar. ![images(7).jpg](
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