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Traveling to Agricultural Field to see Nut tree lands and some words about nuts cultivation


The moment of spending some time in the green ceremony in the middle of nature raises the tide of joy in the mind. Makes the mind fresh and good. So I always try to spend some time in nature. Because these moments fascinate me a lot. Especially the moment of spending some time on agricultural land seems extraordinary. Because no matter where you look around, green and green all around. This is like a green ceremony. A few days ago I went out for a walk in the nature of agricultural land in the morning. Seeing the greenery all around in the morning filled my mind and filled my mind with fresh air. I took some photography while walking in the morning which I am sharing with you.The trees you see in the picture are the pictures of nut trees and nut flowers. The trees are absolutely green and small and have yellow flowers that look really amazing. Nut are cultivated at this time of the year in many lands in our area. We all know the demand for nuts worldwide. Moreover, nuts have many nutritional properties.


Nuts are mainly grown every year on high ground or sandy soils. When I had never seen an nut tree before, I thought the nut might be stuck on top of the tree. However, when I first saw the nut tree, the joy was different. Nut are cultivated in many parts of Bangladesh. Because nuts are used in a variety of food items including chanachur, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream. So its demand is all over the world. So many farmers can benefit financially by cultivating nuts.


These trees have now taken on the shape of green. After a while the green color of the leaves will gradually fade and the leaves will die a bit. Especially when these trees will hold nuts in the roots and the nuts will slowly die as they grow. That is, when the nuts start to grow, the trees start to die. A tree holds about 20 to 25 nuts and more.


When the nuts are ripe, they are removed from the ground and the nuts along with the trees are dried in the sun. The nuts are then separated from the roots of the tree and washed thoroughly in water and dried in the sun. Then this stopping is marketed. At present, many people are benefiting financially by cultivating almonds and at the same time they are playing a role in the economy of Bangladesh.




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