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The first blooming pumpkin flower in our vegetable garden......


In every rural area of ​​Bangladesh, vegetables are grown in large quantities in the backyard or on the land. These vegetables can be used to meet their own needs as well as financially. Moreover, if you cultivate vegetables yourself, you can eat fresh vegetables. So different types of vegetables are grown at home. Even on the roofs of buildings in urban areas, a variety of vegetables are grown. So a few days ago my mother planted some vegetables in the backyard of our house. Among them she has cultivated vegetables like bean, gourd, sweet pumpkin etc. Moreover, at the time of the virus, the district administration had instructed not to leave a single piece of land.


Since my workplace is closed, I sometimes help my mother with various tasks. Especially in the case of vegetable garden care. Now pumpkin flowers are blooming on the pumpkin tree. Which looks very awesome.This yellow scattered flower looks amazing. Although it is not as valuable as the unique flower. But due to its various nutritional value, it has a lot of value for food. Although no one loves this fruit or gives it as a gift. But its beauty fascinates many. This scattered flower is often scattered like a mic or a dish.

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