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Taking moderate food is more effective than taking medicine!


From childhood we have come to know in various books and in real life, food keeps us alive. Because we get the energy we need from food to survive or to work.We know that a balanced diet is made up of six components of food. These are sugars, carbs, fats, vitamins, mineral salts and water.


Everyone needs a balanced diet for a healthy and strong body. But now in real life, how much do we eat a balanced diet or how much do we eat in moderation?


It is true that when we get our favorite food now, we eat it whether it is good or bad for our health. Sometimes it happens that if the food tastes good, we bring it up to our throats. Due to which we suffer from various problems. The food is supposed to gain energy in our body. But sometimes, as a result of overeating, we lose the ability to survive.So we need to take moderate food.

What is a moderate diet?


Every human being in this world has a difference in weight, age and height. And because of that difference, there is a difference in the demand for food ingredients. Foods that contain the right amount of sugars, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and water according to the body's needs are moderate foods.

Why do we need a moderate diet?


We need moderate food to keep our body healthy, strong and functional.image source

We all know that the needs of the body vary from person to person according to age and type of work. So we different people eat different amounts of food. Many times when the food tastes good, we eat extra food. But due to overeating or eating the same food, our body becomes heavy, that is, we become fat.


This problem is seen in many children. As a result, children lose interest in physical activity and even sports. Adults also lose the ability to work. Moreover, the risk of diabetes remains as a result of overeating. Even our fat or belly increases. As a result, excess fat accumulates in the body. At any time, there is a risk like heart attack.


We all know we need a balanced diet to stay healthy. Because it has all the ingredients to stay healthy. Although the amount of vitamins and mineral salts is less, it should be in accordance with the needs of the body. Again, the amount of water required for different functions of the body. The three main nutrients such as sugars, carbs and fats are high. Each of them must be in the diet. This is because they provide heat energy in addition to building, enhancing and replenishing the body.


    Another thing is that if we take regular amount of food, we will not suffer from any problem. Due to which there will not be much need for medicine. Also food will not be wasted. There is a writing on the wall of a government hospital in Comilla district of Bangladesh, that is, moderate food intake is more effective than taking medicine.


As food keeps us alive. Again, overeating leads to death. There are many people in this world who are constantly dealing with food shortages. Again, there are many people in the world who overeat and waste food. So we should all eat moderately and provide at least some of the food to the helpless people around us. We will also stay healthy and keep the surrounding environment healthy.

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