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Make patisapta pitha in a very short time as breakfast.


It is winter in nature now. And winter means the season of eating cake. In winter, different types of cakes are made in every house in the village. Although cakes are not made in the houses of the city like in the villages, nowadays the cake sellers crowd in the alleys of the city before the onset of winter. Chitai, Bhapa and other types of winter cakes are available in those shops. But the fun of homemade cake is different. So if you try, you can make a fun Patisapta cake at home.In the morning we wake up and have breakfast. Breakfast is not served on time because of the rush. Nor is breakfast made for lack of time. So if you want you can make this patisapta cake in a very short time.Let's not know how to make this cake.


  • Rice Powder
  • Sugar
  • Salt

How to make this cake

    First take rice powder. Make a liquid paste by mixing hot water in it. Then add salt and sugar like amount.

    Then pour some oil in a pan and heat it in the oven. Then pour one tablespoon of paste into the pan with a round spoon. Then turn the cake upside down when it is a little hot. Then the cake was made.However, in most cases, the Patisapta cake is wrapped with milk and coconut molasses in the middle. But this Patisapta cake is easy to make and delicious to eat.


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