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Macro Insect Photography ~ Wasps......


Sometimes wasps are seen flying in the trees around the house or in different flowers or inside the room. 

This yellow insect looks very beautiful. But its activity is of a very horrible type. This insect usually has stings. This insect can easily pierce the sting of the human body. 

The wasp is a type of invasive stinging flying insect of the genus Hymenoptera. 

I am very scared to see this insect. One of the reasons is that this kind of insect pierced my body as a child.In my body where this insect was stinging. Those parts were very swollen. Even my cheeks were swollen a lot.I have been scared to see this insect ever since.

It is known our local language as a Bolla or Bolta.


A few days ago when I was sitting in the room. Then a few wasps came flying towards me. I got very scared and hit with the scale. Immediately two wasps fell down. Although the work was not right for me. But I did it to protect myself. One of the wasps was very injured and the other sat for a while and flew away. The second wasp that was more injured. It could not fly. Later it is dragged by ants.

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