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Last afternoon with nature and sunset for a while


Nature is a wonderful pastime of beauty. And to enjoy that wonderful beauty, I went for a walk in the village streets in the afternoon. The moments spent there with some elements of nature in the late afternoon as well as the view of enjoying the sunset filled my mind.


The view of the two huge ponds on either side of the road and the different types of trees in the pond side was amazing to me. It was especially nice to see the view of the deciduous trees during this time. At the same time, some flowers could be seen in the trees which added to the beauty of nature.


I also liked the sunset in the late afternoon. Especially when I gave the view of the sunset through the gap of the tree as well as the view of the reflection of the sun in the water I liked it very much and fascinated me a lot. So I made this video so that I can share it with you later and you can enjoy that view. I hope you will be fascinated by this scene like me.


Towards the end I tried to capture the sunset in my video with the gap of a tree branch away. Which seemed to me like a drop of blood in the western sky. It's as if someone has painted beautifully in the western sky. That is the beauty of nature. Which can easily fascinate any person and can easily make any person's mind better.

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