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Kamranga pepper cultivation next to the room...


Chilli is one of the main food in our country. Pepper is an essential part of food flavor and body nutrition. To the housewives of Bangladesh, not a single moment can be imagined without chilli. This is because the use of chilli in curry, in making jhal muri, in making bharta or mash and in other food is immense. Dried chillies were once used in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Ripe chillies were dried and ground into shitpata beet or dhemki. However, in all rural and urban areas, green chillies are now used in all kinds of cooking or delicacies. There are different varieties of chillies in the country. The pepper that is being discussed here is special. Kamranga pepper is one of them.


This pepper is very salty to eat. But it smells very good. Kamranga pepper, a species of pepper, is best known for its strong bitterness. Although it is known by many other names, it is also known as Naga pepper, Kamranga pepper or Bhoot Jalokia. Many people mistakenly call it a ghost pepper because of its high salt content.Due to the high demand and taste of this pepper, many people cultivate it commercially. So my aunt planted a few chilli saplings a few days ago and gave us two chilli saplings to plant. One of them dies and the other is alive, as you can see in the picture. Now this tree has started yielding.


The purpose of planting the tree is to eat fresh chillies from yourself. The taste of being able to eat any vegetable from one's own tree is different. Cameras that are available in the market can often be adulterated.

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