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Bhora Pitha or Oil Cake || Favourite food of rural Bengal..


Cake is one of my favorite foods. When winter comes, the taste of eating hot cake in winter is different. So my mother often makes different types of cakes. My mother used to make different types of cakes and put them in different containers especially because I like cakes very much. Since I am the only child of my parents, my mother always makes my favorite food or cake. It is winter in Bangladesh at present. And this winter, different types of cakes are being made in every house of Bengalis. Because there is an old Bengali tradition associated with pitha. Especially feeding relatives or taking cakes while going on a trip is an old tradition of rural Bengal.


However, this cake is a very common cake in rural Bengal. This cake is taken especially on the arrival of new relatives or on the way to the house of the new son-in-law. So let's learn the process of how to make this traditional cake of rural Bengal.

  • Ingredients that are needed to make this cakeRice powder
  • Sugar
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Water
  • How to make this Cake
  • First you need to take a certain amount of rice powder. Add adequate amount of sugar and salt. Then make a liquid mixture by pouring equal amount of water in it. However, care should be taken that the mixture does not become completely liquid, that is, it should be very thick.

Then heat more oil in a pan. Then leave the liquid mixture of one tablespoon of rice powder in hot oil.

After a while you will see that the cake is slightly swollen in hot oil. Then make a small hole in the middle so that steam can come out inside and the cake is well fried.Once the cake is well made, it will look like the pictures you see above. Then pick up the cake.

This time delicious oil cake was made. This cake is really very tasty and one of my very favorite food. You can also try at home. I hope you like this cake which is associated with Bengali tradition. Thanks everyone. 

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