Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

Answers to the question from SXIII


Hello SXIII. First of all, thank you for asking all these good questions. Your interest and curiosity are very much appreciated and I am glad to have you asked these questions so that not only you, but also other people currently on Serey can understand more about Serey. I hope these answers will help.
##### " Is there any live chat, where we can talk? The developers & users? Telegram? RocketChat (like on Steemit and Golos)? Discord? IRC? Jabber? Whatever? This could make everything a lot more useful." --> Cambodia uses mainly Facebook. We have a Facebook messenger group for community members. But as we are starting to ramp up marketing, a Telegram group is indeed an appealing option to us. Besides starting a Telegram group, Serey will have our own chat system. This will be released together with our next mobile app. ##### "WhenDEX" or "WhenMoon" - is there any timetable of running the SereyDEX (I understand, it is hard question, but...)? Let's say, are we going to see the DEX before New Year? Before December? ..." --> The Serey Dex is actually already live. You can go there and trade on it. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and many other coins right now. We have waited to make an announcement because we still have to connect SRY from our platform with the Serey Dex. This is just a minor task, so you can expect the Serey DEX announcement in less than a month time. ##### "What are approximate planned price for the tokens on the DEX? 0.02 $? 0.01 $? Less?" --> We are planning to start with a $0.02 dollar price for one Serey coin ##### "Do admins know about avatar problem (they are just not appearing in right-upper part of the website and in comments, but they DO appear on the profile itself)?" --> Thanks for letting us know about the avatar. We will put in on our list of next improvements. ##### "Internationalizing in a whole. Are there will be some tools to divide posts to english, khmer and maybe other languages? On steemit, people usually use tags like #ru if they write in russian, etc." --> We have discussed amongst the founders and marketing partners about the best approaches for the international market. We feel that when we cramp all the languages together, it takes away the user friendliness of the platform. In the future Serey will focus on countries to countries approach with each country their specific languages. ##### "The logo... I wrote a post about it recently. Any plans of opening the discussion of making the project more international meybe?" --> We believe that by focusing on a small market, we can be more effective and so the higher the chance of adoption. For us, Cambodia is the logical market to start. But if there is anyone who want to start something like Serey and want to focus on another country, they are welcome to reach out to us We can connect you to the Serey blockchain and customize the platform to your country/market. ##### "Will there be a "promoted" section like on Steemit or Serey decided to remove it totally?" --> Serey has decided to remove "promoted" feature permanently. We believe that the voting mechanism based on weight according to your coins holding is effective enough already. ##### "Do there exist Teleram bots for Serey notifications? I know vikx from Golos could run a bot for Serey if we get 100 of people asking for it." --> Thank you for your suggestion. At the moment the Serey community uses Facebook messenger as a group chat. We will eventually move to Telegram, and when we do so, we will look into Vikx and see if we could implement it. ##### "Are there any development requests? Requests for creating a full node? Active github issues? We, the community, could help developers to do some tasks. Those who are skilled enough. Or those who is professional communicator :)" --> We have received many development requests in Cambodia. Especially from ngo's and the Insitute of Technology in Cambodia to develop apps for them to connect on the Serey blockchain. Many parties have approached us to help them set up witness nodes also. In the coming months, Serey will start to further decentralize the network by having more witnesses set up. Is this what you mean with a full node? If not, could you please elaborate on what you mean with this? I hope these answers have helped to shed some light on your questions.
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