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Tetris prepared me for real-life interior design. I'm always thinking about organizing rooms and websites. As a boy, I began moving furniture around in my brother's room. Well, I guess it was my room as well. I wasn't asking for permission. He would go to school and I went to work making a mess. I began doing things like that in the 1990's. I was homeschooled until high school. So, I was doing that today in the book shed, all day. After that, I was watching the High Council. After that, I took a nap. My mind went back to my Tetris. That's kind of how my brain works to an extent. I think strategy. I think about trying to prevent potential future problems before they happen in the first place. I saw Laura Loomer on the Alex Jones Show in the morning. She is running for office in Florida. Tech cartels kicked her off social networks and yet she is outperforming the competition. She is remarkable. George Lucas Reacts to Star Wars Trailer Deep Fake.

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2019-10-22 - Tuesday

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Published in October of 2019

Overlord DVD

10:33 AM - Rise of Skywalker Trailer Reaction | Proof The Rumors Were True?

YouTube is removing subscribers from Overlord DVD. That is bad.

Free Mason

11:00 AM - Mom was telling me about freemasons. You know, We lived near a grand lodge in Forest Grove, Oregon. Later, the building was sold and turned into a restaurant and theater thing, and that was around maybe 1995 or maybe before that. I've been there a few times before it was changed and after. The last time I was there was probably in December of 2017 with Mike. It may have felt different. Maybe less demonic. But they may still have rituals in the basements. Perhaps private rooms that they rent out down there.

Naomi Brockwell

11:19 AM - Online Privacy under attack: Can VPNs save us? | Dissenter | Free Square

VPN Related Protocols | Dissenter

SSH - Secure Shell
IPSEC - Internet Protocol Security
SSL - Secure Socket Layer Encryption
PPTP - Point to Point Protocol

Computer Forever

11:40 AM - Star Wars: Rise of Meh, Fall of a Franchise?

Perhaps, Star Wars should end, some might argue. But you don't want to end badly.

Julian Assange

11:56 AM - That is probably the best strategy for Julian Assange for the moment. Legally, I wonder if the Unable To Think plead is the same, well at least in the U.S., as pleading insanity. I know Julian is not in America, so I know things may be different there.

Bitcoin is Worthless?

11:59 AM - Love might be worthless as well, some might argue. The ability to look at stars might seem worthless. That is right. It also might be priceless, as in very valuable as the door swings both ways like they do in westerns lol.

To Proxy or Not to Proxy

12:53 PM - FS | Dissenter

It appears that proxies, VPNs, etc, can be dangerous for at least two main reasons.

  1. When you use proxies, VPNs, you may be entrusting them to not spy on you, sell your Internet traffic, the metadata, etc, like DNSes, ISPs, ghetto social networks, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, China, EU, NSA, etc, may do. So, your traffic may go through them. So, they could become like an Internet Kill Switch. That could be a problem with centralization. It is like a water dam. It can be dangerous.
  2. It could single you out. It is like a red flag. So, governments, etc, may spot you like as if you were wearing the ring in Lord of the Rings (LOTR).


However, the consequences for not using proxies, VPNs, encryption, blockchain, P2P, Bit Torrent, cryptocurrencies, etc, long-term speaking, could be even worse than the risks you run into using them in the first place.

Star Wars Fake News

12:56 PM - FS | Dissenter

@Rob_Roy, SJWs who hate Trump publicly do in fact agree with you.

Sue Amazon?

01:07 PM - FS | Dissenter

Should people attempt to sue Amazon for not being allowed to warn customers of the inaccuracy in shirt sizes?

Shirt Size Inaccuracy

Why are so many people commenting about the shirts being too small?

Amazon Scam

Is that false advertisement? Is it some kind of accidental or purposeful error?

Legally Permissible?

Is it legally allowed in America to sell to customers items they did not order in the first place, assuming the customers ordered one size but got a different size, meaning a different product altogether, right?

Red Blue Guitar

If you buy a red guitar from me and I send you a blue guitar, is that acceptable?

Breaking Promises

If I promised that I was going to send you a red guitar and a blue one came in the mail, is that no big deal?

YouTube Videos?

Are people making videos about this on YouTube?

Amazon is Rotten Tomatoes

01:12 PM - Dissenter

@Rob_Roy, looks like Rotten Tomato Reviews where they tell you how perfect Ghostbusters 2016 was or Last Jedi or where they tell you how bad Joker 2019 was. That's what I think of when I read that on Amazon, that 73% of customers say this fits as expected. Sounds like they are trying to cover for a big problem. Possibly a bunch of fake bot account ratings. Looks like they are sweeping stuff under the rug. Almost as bad as that third Star Wars trailer for that 9th film which came out last night. The trailer doesn't tell you anything. People hate it.

Court Murders a Boy

01:16 PM - FS | Dissenter

Court to rape little boy and steal the boy from the father. The court is attempting to turn the boy in to a girl. Whatever happened to the 4th amendment in America? This is theft. This is like murder. The boy will die. A virtual girl will rise from those ashes.

Which Things

01:33 PM - FS | Dissenter

@Vitt, did you say "The VPN services claim not to do such a thing?" I want ask you, which things? I'm asking because I'm curious about how they may try to market their services and products.


In the quote above, I mentioned spying. So, you might be talking about that. Yes, for example I have seen Duck Duck Go say they don't spy or sell your metadata or something like that, I think. So, that reminds me of food that may say on the label that it is organic. So, it depends on the food. It depends on who made the food. It depends on which farms they got the foods from. It also depends on the VPN. Perhaps, some VPNs are fake or deceptive. Perhaps, some are better.

Real vs Fake

Knowing the difference between a bad VPN and a good VPN, or a good VPN and a better VPN, might be similar to knowing the difference between CNN and Infowars for example.


@Vitt, or were you talking about the funneling system, I mean how Internet traffic may flow through central locations at times, like through ISP, DNS, VPN, government servers, some Internet highway company systems (perhaps), etc? Of course, we know how the Internet works to some extent. But I wonder if a VPN would dare claim that they had no centralization. But I'm not saying that it is impossible for VPN to be partly or completely decentralized.


@Vitt, or were you talking about how a VPN might claim that they don't sell metadata to third parties?


You were probably referring to all of these possibilities. Is there anything else that I missed? If a VPN is making false claims, I would like to see it. I would consider such claims to be like fake news. But not political fake news but technological fake news.

Star Wars Film

01:42 PM - FS | Dissenter

When compared to the trailer for the Phantom Menace or any of the other first six films. People were so excited when they would see trailers for these other films which had an amazing story to tell. Each of the first six main Star Wars films were unique in so many ways.

01:43 PM - 07:00 PM - Book shed. Organizing. Setbacks at times. Legos. Writings. Books.


07:35 PM - The High Council Breaks Down the Episode IX Trailer- Feat. Nerdrotic

Egg Man more interesting than Star Wars Trailer.

Tulsi = CFR?

Not everyone can be Tom Cruise.

It does NOT ruin Vader.

Waffle Ryan

HERo Journey

Ryan Approved

Goldfish Ryan Approved

Bot Fans or Butt Fans?

Mrs. Bond: License to Female

Walking Dead Review?

Microwave Destroys It

Microwaves = DISNEY

EVIL Microwave

Killer WAFFLE Microwave

Bad Bad Microwave

SPAM Microwave


Boogie Woogie MICRO-WAVE

Oga Burder Micro WAVE

Oogley Moogley WAFFLE Microwaves

@Blue Box Reven hail Firefly.

Microwaves might be worse than 5G

I ignore spam

SPAM don't bother me

MICROWAVES bother me MORE than silly SPAM

ooga booga = microwave cancer

ooga booga = geoengineering bad

ooga booga = disney sucks

ooga booga = bill gates vaccines bad

ooga booga = are you woke yet?

@Michael Cuervo ohhhh how did u know?

ooga booga = force is female

ooga booga = STD

ooga booga = oatmeal

ooga booga = agenda 2030

Jonathan Criden is not a bot.

@StarManScorpio it all started when Anakin got his Johnson knocked off.



ooga booga = greta queen

RIP ooga booga

never ban oatmeal

Is Jabba the same guy?

Selling Love?

07:39 PM - Steemit

Some people sell their souls to the devil. I am not sure if I would sell my love, but guys buys nice things for their loves. Oh, selling naming rights to stars, oh wow. I wouldn't sell those naming rights myself. But if they want to do that, I guess.

Deep Fake

08:11 PM - FS | Dissenter

I like it to an extent as a silly video. But it is not really a Star Wars movie. I enjoyed watching the George Lucas Reacts to Rise of Skywalker Trailer 3 Deep Fake video.

Tell me how much you love the casino scene in Last Jedi.

Star Wars Ideas

09:00 PM

Jedi should use lazer guns. Imagine a Jedi holding up a device over his head that fires out lazers in all directions. But imagine that the Jedi uses the force to control the device like as if it was a sprinkler and that the lazers only come out via the force and is directed by the force to hit the targets. So, if a Jedi is in the middle, then he can get out that way by hitting everybody all at once.

Will Trump support Laura Loomer?


10:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Fox News

11:59 PM - Trump talks impeachment fallout on 'Hannity' | FULL INTERVIEW

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat


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10:55 AM - Is that a robin bird? Very cute bird. I like drawing too. Welcome to Steemit.

Blue Girl

10:58 AM - Hola chica. I love your style. I love your smile. Do you like blue? Oh wait, better yet, do you like purple? It looks like you like to wear blue in your fashion. I like it.

Star Wars

11:03 AM - They are reshooting over 75% of this 9th Star Wars film right now.

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The DNC is ignoring the Rule of Law (again) and they are making their illegal Investigation totally closed to everyone!

Self-Driving Humans

Julian Assange Tells Court He is “Unable to Think” Due to Treatment in Prison

Bitcoin is Worthless?

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