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China Censors NBA. Do you prefer criminal prevention or criminal correction? Most people prefer prevention. Internally, we should prevent ourselves from doing bad. But externally, federal intervention is dangerous. Correction is better, legally speaking. What is a bot? Should we ban a bot? Should we ban spam? Should we ban people we dislike? Is a bot not a program? Should we run around and play tag? Delete Facebook Twitter Trend | King of Jokers | Project Veritas - PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS | Weekly Photos - 458 Pics | Mirror | Malaysia Church Song Video - Youth Choir | Youth Group.

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2019-10-14 - Monday

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in October of 2019

Taxes & Owning The Public

02:01 AM - Steemit

If Vietnamese pay taxes, then they may own the commune offices, theoretically speaking.

Communism & Socialism

When I talked to Vietnamese, they told me that they believe that Vietnam is owned by all the citizens of Vietnam. Well, so, I would ask them questions about it.

Private vs Public

But the theory is that government should not be too private, too secret, if the country is like a democracy or better yet a republic.


I wonder how many Vietnamese understand the value in transparency that government should have and that people should be allowed to film in public places.


If Vietnamese pay money to the government, then the Vietnamese own the government, the public places, and the government buildings, at least in theory. Now, actually, I know, that might not be true. But it should be true. I wonder how many Vietnamese can understand that.

Overlord DVD

02:07 AM - Batwoman Episode 2 Review and Discussion | Emphasis on CUSS!


02:14 AM - Steemit | Dissenter

This is what they have in China. Surveillance. They have facial recognition and social credit scoring in China. Some of that is in America right now. Each day, they try to extend their reach in the United States and other countries. One of the problems is within centralization.

Prevention vs Correction

There is a debate. Should police prevent crimes or correct the crimes? Prevention means stopping crimes before they happen. Correction is about going after criminals after they break the law, steal, murder, abuse, etc. The debate is in whether the cops can prevent crime, correct crime, or both. Now, many people prefer prevention. Generally, that is true. That is why people are ok with losing privacy. That is why people normally are ok with having security surveillance, cameras, etc. I prefer correction, not prevention. Why? Because that violates freedoms. I want the freedom to do good or bad. But many people want safety over freedom. That is why they are ok with the security cameras. That is the debate. So, when you talk to people, many people tend to want prevention and safety. That makes people feel good. Now, life is better when you seek after freedoms and risks. Now, life is dangerous. So, people don't like danger. But if you have no danger, then you do not grow and you miss out on the meaning to life.

Comcast knew I downloaded an episode of Ray Donovan.


02:30 PM - Dissenter

I've heard that your DNS may tattle to your ISP. So, to add to that question, Kieran, who would you trust more, your VPN, ISP, or DNS, with your Internet traffic logs?


02:42 AM - Steemit

Sad when young people die. Oh, I don't use bid bots or anything. I do not put money into boosting posts. I don't really have enough money to gamble like that.


Lesbian Until Graduation

Dissenter Block

10:46 AM - YouTube | Dissenter

He really wants to take you under if you know what I mean, Mac. Dissenter blocked this message I sent from Mac's video on YouTube.

Project Veritas

10:52 AM - PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS

Cloudflare DNS

11:02 AM - Dissenter

I've used which is of Cloudflare and APNIC which may be better than Google. I wonder if there might be better alternatives to that. Some articles say that CloudFlare's CEO plans to never censor hate speech ever again. That might be good news.

Project Veritas

11:10 AM - FS | Dissenter

Project Veritas raises awareness to issues similar to Infowars, Wikileaks, Drudge, etc.

Answers In Genesis

11:12 AM - Tyrants Oppose Christian Parents - Answers News October 14, 2019 | I am getting gaps in this video. The streaming is jumping. The problem is not on the live streaming but when you rewind. I can watch this live but if I want to go backwards, I run into jumps. Love is Grace & Justice.

Persecution in America

11:27 AM - Dissenter | Twitter | FS

We have to tell Trump each day about religious persecution in the United States. Tell people each day. Show people. Some people don't know.

Jen & Wish

11:38 AM - YouTube | Dissenter

You love Jen but we love you. Jen doesn't talk like a girl from Brave Heart like you do, an Irish chick.

Yard Work

Raspberry garden weeding around the raspberries. Dishes. Soup. Coffee. Cashews. New show called FBI on television. Worked on my family album project.

Facebook Link Codes

03:39 PM - Dissenter | FS

That Facebook link contains code that Facebook attaches to the end of URLs for tracking, etc. You can remove the code off the links. The links do not require the code to link.

Free Square

03:44 PM - FS | dissenter

They removed one of my threads, @Vitt, around three days ago, on Free Square; in other words, no, well unless if there are like rogue mods here that are associated with Infowars, perhaps.

IWA Ending?

03:48 PM - FS | Dissenter

@Rob_Roy, We are in a Tim Allen Home Improvement ending where they moved their entire house over to another state. We moved our Infocomms community to Free Square in part.

Lunch Box Hard Drive

03:50 PM - Dissenter | Telegram

I put my hard drive in a metal lunch box.

Delete Facebook Trend

03:57 PM - Twitter | Free Square | Dissenter | Paul Joseph Watson wrote:

The first time #DeleteFacebook trends is because they dared talk to Tucker Carlson.

But yeah, this is a trend I can get behind anyway. 😎


04:04 PM - Facebook | Minds | Gab

Delete Facebook is trending on Twitter. Also, CNN.

Sad Facebook

04:33 PM - Facebook | Twitter | Dissenter | FS | Minds

Facebook is designed to make you sad hahaha.

Facebook deleted my accounts for many several times in the 2010's. Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg. #DeleteFacebook

Cookies. A holiday today. Soup. Sandwich. Watch, not wash haha. White bread. White man. Once upon a time. A job. Oh, talk. Frisbee. Take off jacket. Man with no shirt. Dirt road path. Bus. Got there just in time. Run around. N. 5 k. Ohhh. Under construction. Game room. Oh. Larry. I did but the stake was still there. I put it back. Garden. Raspberries. Tomatoes. I wasn't sure at first. Listening. More I know, the more I don't know. Stars. Lies and truth. Stars. Why are we able to see some planets in space and not others. Montana. Haiti. Cambodia. Nate. Outside the city, more stars. Vietnam. Big Dipper. Morning Star. Big Foot. Learn to listen. Learn to be open minded. Learn to be aware, to have empathy, sympathy. N. Ride back. Thanks. Cookies. Mayonnaise. Out. Oh, we got more. Thanks. Privacy. Oh. Rules. Keep your hands to yourself.

Some Info Should Be Secret, Perhaps.

08:17 PM - Steemit

I'm good. So, yes, perhaps, some government information should be secret or classified, but that may depend on what kind of information and it may depend on how the information was gather. For example, in America, we have the 4th amendment which is in the constitution which is all about privacy. Now U.S. government agencies have been spying on Americans. That is unconstitutional. Now, the question might be whether the information they stole from the Americans should be private or public. It should be private. But the problem is that they stole info that should be private. So, in a way, personal info became public as they take the info and as they share the info with different agencies.


The laws, bills, codes, acts, rules, etc, probably should be public. The military probably should have some secrets in order to protect the borders of their country. So, the government may need to keep some secrets. The problem is when government is not held accountable and when it grows. As it grows, their secrets can help them grow more and more. Secrets can be dangerous when there is not enough democracy, a republic, an ability to talk, to debate, to vote. Like if the people, if the Vietnamese citizens could vote and decide that they want nobody to be allowed to record and film and take photos in government buildings, then at least that is what the Vietnamese people want. The problem is if many many many Vietnamese were to vote and demand that they be allowed to film in government buildings if the government then said no, you cannot. The government should probably comply to what the people want to some extent. Well, that is a democracy. Well, a republic is a little different than a democracy. But at least a democracy can be better than socialism, communism, etc, at least.

MySpace Over Facebook

08:24 PM - FS | Dissenter

@Vitt, I still have a MySpace and I prefer MySpace over Facebook.

Trump Video

08:59 PM - YouTube | Dissenter | Free Square | Minds | Twitter | Facebook | Gab

I condemn Lara Trump. The video is about defending America against globalists. I dislike this video with Lara Trump because we are in a civil war already and we must do more before they murder Trump and us as well.

In 2016, Twitter would email me saying that I was a bot.

Twitter told me a few minutes ago that I was a bot.

So, should you ban Robot Oatmeal like Twitter does?

An AI program is running this account.

I am Robot Oatmeal.

A bot can do (automatically) what I would have done had I had the time to do it myself (manually).

Do you ban calculator bots as well?

Bots vs People

09:57 PM - Naomi Brockwell Telegram Group | Dissenter

What is the difference between a bot and a person, assuming they both do the same actions?

Hypothetically, what if you couldn't?

But what if you found out that the bot was actually a person? Do you THEN unban the NOT-BOT PERSON?

So, if a person was doing what bots do, would you allow them to do the bot things because the person is not a bot?

Therefore, the distinction is not between bots and people but between different actions.

Therefore, that has nothing to do whether or not it is a bot or a person.

@satishluintel, Like you said, it is about behavior, action, activity, and not about whether it is a person or a bot.

@satishluintel, how many bots are on Facebook?

Covert Facebook Bots

10:12 PM - Steemit | Dissenter | FS

A bot is a program. So, on Facebook, there are programs that collect our data. There are programs that advertise to us based on the data they collect. In other words, bots collect our data on Facebook. Then, bots advertise to us on Facebook, etc. See, it is not just about the Facebook accounts. See, most of the Facebook bots are covert.

A bot allows people to market, to advertise, to do certain tasks that they would have done manually.

Bot Systems

11:06 PM - Dissenter

A bot is relaying my message through the Internet to you on Telegram, and therefore by extension, because of that process, you could consider me to be a bot because of the automation that occurs in order to transact, in order to deliver this message from me to you via bot systems that we do NOT call bots but are in fact are bots.

How is a bot not a program?

How is a bot not a script?

Wikipedia and Wikimedia is/are giving out application to what a bot might be. However, an application to a term is not the same as the root meaning to a specific term like bot.

On Steemit, people are paid to blog and curate. Now, you are paid in cryptocurrencies. You can transfer that out to other currencies.

Now, some people on Steemit will pay money to run bots who will do things.

So, people use bots to boost their posts, to advertise their posts in order to get more people to see their posts.

Some people like bots and some people don't like bots. So, people are always having these debates concerning bots, especially in the 2010's.

I tend to use the general definition for bot. However, many people can use more specific definitions to define what bot means, which I understand. However, the problem is that a specific definition to bot could be the same as defining a human as a creature with two legs. Oh, does that mean a kangaroo is a person? If a person loses a leg, is that person no longer a person? No. Of course not. See, specific definitions to terms are fine as long as they don't run into slippery slopes, into exception clauses, etc. Sometimes, you need to look at things from a different perspective in order to get the bigger picture.

If I pay money to a marketing bot in order to boost my posts, am I suddenly a Russian Terrorist?

You want to put a blockade between me and the free market?

You want to regulate my posts through your centralized brain in order to determine which posts are ok for that and which posts are not ok for that?

Is ISIS on Facebook?

Can I sell you a How-To Build a Bomb Book?

If you are on a website that says there are no rules, allegedly speaking, and if they then later on said just kidding, you know, many years later, then that is deception, fraud, misleading, etc, for the website to violate their contract with the users, especially if the users were to become dependent on the website which then results in them going bankrupt and in some cases dying due to not being able to afford health care, etc.

Are you concern about selective enforcement?

In America, we may have some laws relating to that. So, legally speaking, we could have that debate. But that is only legally speaking.

Trump Video

08:59 PM - YouTube | Dissenter | Free Square | Minds | Twitter | Facebook | Gab

I condemn Lara Trump. The video is about defending America against globalists.

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