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Cool distribution-5000 DGB


![ДИДЖИБАЙТ2.png]( DGB coin is in the top 50 of all coins It is traded on many exchanges. Distribution is very cool, I recommend it to everyone. Click on the top Registration-register and activate your account. After we get 5000 DGB. Next, go to the section INVESTBOX and there we find the coin DGB, choose the Daily contribution, make 5000 and click Invest. Investments are received for 1 day. Every day need to go and to do reinvest, but already with greater sum game( every day falls on 50 DGB). Next: those who attracted referrals, go to the Affiliate Payment Invest section and there we take away all charges from referrals. Is obtained on 5 DGB in day c every referral. After 60 days, all can be deduced. Link: [Coininvestbank]( Sourse: [](
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