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In this world, of course, there are so many insects that can fly and of course every insect has wings, and there are many species from unique shapes to beautiful shapes. But they are one nation, even though they are one sequence but they are still different, for example in the order of insects such as butterflies, they also have differences in their form or characteristics. One of them is the color they have. ![IMG_20190129_203020.jpg]( One of the differences that we often encounter and is most obvious is between moths and butterflies even though they are one order or one nation. The difference between the two is in their physical body. Most butterflies have a filament shaped antenna that is shaped like a stick at the end. On the other hand, moths often have antennas such as combs or feathers. This difference is the basis for Lepidoptera - Rhopalocera, as mentioned above. ![IMG_20190129_202933.jpg]( I had read this in a book entitled "New Insect" released in 2009, which was told by a researcher, "But there are provisions regarding this rule and some moths (for example, Castniidae) that have folded antennas. Some butterflies , like the paradox of the Pseudopontia Central Africa Forest, does not have a club-like angle. "In this sense it can be concluded that there are many types of insects, although in one order that has differences between each other. This makes strong clarity between the differences between the two. ![IMG_20190129_161351.jpg]( The experts further said that, the other differences between the two are very clear, as butterflies can only know something if there are specimens in their hands or feet. While the moth has a front wing lobe called jugum which helps in the clutch with the rear wing. The puzzles that make sense in this structure are the real conditions that exist within themselves. There is no difference at a glance, but if you look deeper, the difference between the two is clearer. ![IMG_20190129_203106.jpg]( Those are some of the differences that I can conclude here in the explanation above, there are only a few reviews of moths and butterflies in recognizing between them, but in general there are still many differences they have but that is the same thing We already know. But basically all types of insects in the world, are still categorized in one family or still in one order in terms of insects. That is what I can say, hopefully it can add to your scientific insight. Thank you very much.
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