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Wealth increases poverty.


Hello guys, How are you all my friends? I wish all my friends are well and I am also well.Today I sear some inspiration story with all my friends.


Now let's read my article....

                         One day a rich father went out with his 6-year-old son. The father wanted to explain to his son how poor a man can be. They spent time at the home of a poor family.




 On the way home from there, the father said to the son,

 "Do you see that they are poor কি what do you learn from them ??"


 The boy replied, "We have 1 dog, 4 of them. We have 1 small swimming pool. They have a big river. They light different kinds of lights at night. They make food. We have walls to protect us. They have many friends and neighbors to protect them. We have books by various famous authors. They have Quran, Bible, Gita.

Thanks for showing me that we are so poor.

         Ok no more today... If there is any mistake in.

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