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Today I sear : Alas, in this world, there is more wanting to steal the wealth of all the poor by the hands of the king.


Hello friends, hi how are you? Hope everybody is well and healthy. I am also fine with your prayers.


  Today I will share with you some things about money and resources. I hope you like it. We need money to survive. But a class of people in the society is always trying to seize all the wealth.  


The people of this affluent class cannot give up the greed for wealth in spite of their abundant wealth. The victims of this perverted greed are the poor and helpless people. 



 This trend has been prevalent since ancient times. Just as the zamindars, being the owners of vast wealth, did not hesitate to snatch the resources of the poor tenants for a small rent, so too today a class of power-hungry people is building for themselves one wealth after another. And intoxicated by the acquisition of these resources, they do not hesitate to sacrifice their humanity.


  They continue to build up their wealth by depriving the poorest sections of society. Because they need more wealth, more enjoyment and luxury.


  There is no limit to this kind of perverted greed of the rich but their lust is increasing day by day. Owning abundant wealth, the desire to gain more makes them inhuman. 


 In their addiction to increase their wealth, they do not judge between right and wrong, good and evil, black and white. Some are happy to survive after eating three meals a day, while others are not satisfied with owning billions of rupees;  


He laments the lack of more resources. In order to become richer, they resorted to various forms of corruption such as usury, bribery and theft.  


Even these wealthy people, who are greedy for money, make the mountains of their wealth skyrocket by depriving the poor of basic rights like food, safe haven for the poor, minimum education etc. And in this way rich-poor inequality continues to grow in the society. 


 By taking away everything from the poor, the rich become richer, while those who are poor become poorer. Unable to provide the basic necessities of life, they are forced to live a life of starvation and starvation, living in squalid slums.


 In this world, the rich as well as the poor have the right to live. The capitalist rich should avoid the shameless temptation to increase their wealth by embezzling the wealth of the poor and extend a helping hand to them.


  Until today, friends. If there is any mistake in my writing, everyone will look at it with forgiveness. I wish you all good health. God bless you.

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