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Sing, sing and play Sing and sing and sing Bain to play


Hello friends, how are you? I wish all my friends are well . I am also well. today i share some motivation talk with all my friends.


Human life is action.  Evidence of excellence in the workplace lies in its efficiency and success.  But success does not always come in the workplace.  Failure is also a part of human life.  


It is not right to lose one's work effort and morale by failing in any task.  We have to move forward with boundless courage and diligent pursuit.  Then no constraint of life will ever last.  And so I want to practice for success and skills in life.


  A musician is able to touch people's emotions through his long, relentless vocal pursuit or musical pursuit.  He became known to the people as a famous musician.  


People remember him and his songs forever.  Similarly, a famous musician arouses the human mind by playing his musical instruments.  He has to practice playing musical instruments repeatedly to make the human heart happy and happy by playing.  


Therefore, devotional pursuit and practice is required to get a place in the human heart by completing any work smoothly and efficiently.  Chatdhaparpab or practice is a prerequisite for gaining greatness, fame and success in every field of life.  


There is no alternative.  It is through intensive practice and practice that a person achieves accuracy and perfection in his workplace.  The great people of the world have given importance to re-practice in order to attain perfection in their lives.  


It is not right to lose one's morale by failing in any task.  Poet Kali Prasanna Ghosh has said- ‘If you can’t do it once, look at it a hundred times.  Repeated practice with sincere effort, hard work and strong morale makes the work perfect.  


Brings success and fulfillment in the workplace.  There is no substitute for pursuit and practice for a beautiful and successful life.


  It is possible to ascend to the golden peak of success by overcoming all the obstacles in the thorny path of human life through sincere pursuit and repeated practice.


No more today.... please forgive me anything false all my friends.bye see again.

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