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Health benefits of aloe vera plant and its home remedies.


Hello serey friends, how are you all I hope everyone is well and healthy. Thanks to your prayers and God's infinite mercy, I am well. Thanks to the Creator, I am still healthy in this Corona epidemic.



Friends, today I am going to share with you a little bit about Aloe vera, a medicinal plant that we all know. So let's talk about that.


Aloe vera is a plant we all know. The aloe vera tree is usually not very tall, it is 70 to 80 cm tall and its leaves are usually up to 1 foot long.



Aloe vera is actually a very beneficial plant. It plays a very important role in the field of home medicine. We usually know that aloe vera leaves are cut on both sides.



This aloe vera plant is surrounded by various elements. Aloe vera is commonly used in cosmetics. Aloe vera gel helps to remove brown spots on the face. So those of us who have bronchial problems must use aloe vera gel. Then get rid of facial acne.



Many of us have stomach problems such as indigestion, they can eat aloe vera juice. Then their stomach problems will be eliminated very easily. So we should plant more and more aloe vera at home.


The flowers of the aloe vera tree are very nice to look at. We should plant this herb in each of our homes. Because it is not very expensive, we can use this aloe vera plant in the roof tub of the house.



Aloe vera plays a leading role in keeping our body healthy. It is definitely necessary to keep our body healthy.


So friends till today. Stay well and stay healthy and we will definitely cultivate aloe vera plant on the roof of the house or in the yard. Because aloe vera has no end to the properties of this herb to keep our body healthy. God bless you.

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