Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

🕹️Serey update that is currently being launched !!


# Hello dear witness workshop!!!! ![]( @serey - @witness After I open the post from @timelocker entitled [Update Announcement: SEREY Witness setup instructions]( ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓ ![ba8eba1017ca94ef665394315e88aba22890e0ad.webp]( [Active Witnesses vs Reserve Witnesses]() What will you do after the witness at the serey? all activities carefully. Especially if there is plagiarism and others. if all witnesses are active we are all very excited about activities. Greetings always success !!? ![5s4dzRwnVbzGM3JdycGKFQo7ALS3GhuMGL8qbG8zfSd9jRUJMJ1mdKgDXpAQnVP4br5wtSCa1UvURVjSDatZUWffBSCvhymgN53yju9waZmeaGvdQQWou2cjgQHqQ2sD9uXLfoETzv8TLzZWr8UGAgLiSzZwwDwFpT2EjLS.png]( I am very excited to give support to all users. with the witness update with enthusiasm at the serey, the more extraordinary if the witness has provided a percentage with this I would like to say thank you very much to 🥇 @timelocker 🥇 @chhay86 and to all the teams and groups that will be built by a special team, regards 🏅 @herman2141
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