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My Drawings: Pen with Flowers


Hello to all the community, following with my drawing classes, I have been able to verify that the practice makes the master and I compare my drawings of last week with this one of today I see the difference, as I am losing the fear.


To this drawing, if I did the step by step I am already gaining more confidence and skills.


Creative Process


To make the drawing I used a sheet of white bond paper 35x20 cm, I started with the sketch tracing the lines that will be the basis of my drawing, to make the sketch we must let the hand to let go and let it guide the pencil, it is a very interesting moment because you have the idea in your mind and suddenly it is as if the hand moves at will.


Then I made the delineation, with a black micro-tip marker, at that moment you can see that the drawing takes shape and with this I delimit the area, and I make what is the body of the pen.


I gently fill in the spaces with pencil 2b and then shade with more pressure using pencil 4b, where I mark with the marker, then make lines from the center outwards to simulate the texture of a pen.


I shaded the edges of the flowers, leaving light in the center, I like how they turned out and I can see my progress.


One thing I can confess is that I am enjoying the process a lot, here is the link where I took the imagine


It is a fascinating path and has helped me to release stress, increase my concentration and my creativity, thanks to my teachers for their advice and for accompanying me in this adventure.





Original Photos, Bogota

Camera: Huawei Y6 II

Editor Program: Foto Collage


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