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Dr. I feel sensitivity to cold.....



Hello, on many occasions patients, have manifested sensitivity, especially when drinking cold beverages and on clinical examination we observe what we call gingival recession.



Gingival recession is when the marginal gingiva migrates or moves apically exposing the neck of the tooth, it can be caused by periodontal disease or poor brushing technique.



The case I present is a gingival recession, caused by poor brushing technique or incorrect brushing horizontally and vigorously, thus retracting the gum and forming a channel caused by wear on the neck of the tooth caused by being subjected to this type of force, where there is a very strong exposure and sensitivity.


In these cases a conditioning is performed and a resin is placed, but the patient must modify his brushing technique to avoid further wear, which would now be of the restorative material.


This type of procedure is very common in the dental office, the episodes of sensitivity are acute causing intense pain.




The treatment is simple, it is performed in the office, the edges of the canal are prepared and the protocol of demineralization and conditioning of the cavity for the placement of light-cured resin is performed, polishing, to protect the pulp from alterations caused by thermal changes that cause acute pain and sensitivity, but this will fail if the patient continues with the habit of brushing vigorously and horizontally.


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