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![young_boys_1-169.jpg]( [sources]( If you are a lover of round skin, then the European Champions League is no stranger to you, especially if the one competing is your favorite theme, surely you will be even more excited in watching it. Last night I watched the Young Boys versus Juventus match. The match was held at the Young Boy headquarters, Juventus had a bad luck in this match because they lost at home to the opponent with a score of 2-1. in fact the match takes place in a fast tempo, but there are many opportunities that are disposed of by Juventus Young Boys had a few chances and they perfected the opportunity so that in the first half they were 1-0 up against Juventus, entering the second round of the match with a fast tempo, Juventus replaced several players to add to their shock. But young boys managed to add to their advantage to be 2-0. Towards the end of the match, Juventus reduced their lag to 2-1, in extra time actually Juventus managed to enter the goal but were considered offside by the referee, finally the young boy managed to defeat Juventus.
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