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Sailboat Expedition Exploration Relief in a country full of history



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Sailboat Expedition Exploration Relief in a country full of history
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There is a number of historical evidence that shows that at the beginning of the first millennium, the ancestors of the bumiputra had made long-distance connections by sea, crossing the ocean to the African continent. Traces of the cultural presence of the archipelago in Madagascar and South Africa can still be traced there
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Historian Dick-Read (2005) states that historical evidence shows the discovery of phantom voyagers from the archipelago that have arrived on African soil, although it is not clear who they are and how they can get to Madagascar and Africa. What is also a question is how they were able to reach far country across the ocean. What kind of transportation equipment is used, how is the construction and how the navigation system. One clue that might be key is a picture of a relief in the form of a sailboat engraved on the walls of Borobudur Temple, Magelang, Central Java
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Borobudur Temple was built around the 8th century Maseshi. In this temple there are five pictures of sailboat reliefs which show that at that time a boat with a double screen was known and had outrigger to maintain the equilibrium of the boat. Construction of outrigger boat bodies is no different from the others. Outrigger is a float on both sides of the boat whose function is to maintain balance. The addition of the outrigger, made the boat not easily drowned due to the impact of ocean waves. The toughness of outrigger boats has been proven and recognized today
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At the Borobudur Temple carved as many as 11 pictures of the boat (see Th. Van Erp 1923). The forms of this boat by van Erp are divided into three groups namely simple canoes or canoes made from a hollowed wood, canoe with additional wall boards, but without outriggers and canoes but with the addition of outriggers. Meanwhile van der Heide grouped these boats based on their masts and outriggers into five groups (see van der Heide 1927
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Outrigger boats have a characteristic that is a strong wooden body and a solid security fence on the wall. On the bridge and stern there is a large wooden board as if it were a continuation of the width of the boat. The boat is driven by two screens. The large screen was tethered to the main pole, while the small screen was tethered to the second pole which was located near the stern
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In the relief of Borobudur, a boat without outrigger is carved, but its names cannot be identified. The ordinary boat is depicted on the fourth row balustrade on the top no. 54, in the first aisle balustrade no. 193 and on the main wall the first aisle is the bottom no. 108. These boats are depicted on one screen only
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