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Enjoy the beauty of the island of Sabang along with Japanese tourists



Hello ..... All friends serey, hopefully today is the best day for us to enjoy such a perfect journey on an island called the heaven of the world, name, island sabang @gibran
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Japanese students from University of Osaka visited the city of Sabang for two days, learning Indonesian, culture and seeing first hand the Japanese fortresses that were built during the past wars were the main objectives of the scholarship.22 University Osaka Japan students were immediately accompanied by Japanese historian Prof. Dr. Yumi Sugahara with two UIN - ARRANIR Syariah Faculty Lecturers consisting of Hasnul Arifin Melayu and Samsul Kamal. Prof. Dr. Yumi Sugahara who is the head of the foreign language department at Osaka University, Japan, Friday (9/26) afternoon at de Sagoe I intersected Garuda Sabang said, the main purpose of the group's visit was to learn Indonesian, Aceh culture and see Japanese fortresses first which is in Sabang @gibran
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The rise of tourist visits had a broad impact on the income of the people of Sabang City during Eid, where the average visitor was three days on the tourist island. The beauty of the natural panorama, especially beach and sea tourism became capital to attract tourists to Sabang. The government continues to build various supporting facilities so that tourism becomes the mainstay of Sabang PAD producers @gibran
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The arrival of a group of students from the sunrise country was welcomed directly by historian Sabang Albina, hundreds of Japanese forts in Sabang were built in 1942-1945. The arrival of this student gave color to Sabang's tour @gibran
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Enjoying the tour Pulau Weh takes you to the beach life that you feel. You can determine your own lodging, from simple to luxurious. There are also wooden huts that you can rent very cheaply, even bungalows that are very expensive if you want. There are many lodging options available for traveling lovers when they arrive on Sabang Island themselves @gibran
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By visiting Sabang means you have set foot on Indonesia's Zero Kilometer. There, stood a monument that marked it. This monument is dubbed as the Indonesian Zero Kilometer Monument. To explore the Sabang area and the beach there, it is actually most suitable on foot, a taxi is available if you need it. Including Minibus, motorbikes and even three-wheeled rickshaws are also on standby to take you to explore this Sabang island. You can also rent a car @gibran
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