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The effectiveness of Quantum Method is now proven



The effectiveness of Quantum Method is now proven Late National Professor Dr Nurul Islam Origin of the famous medical science and BSMMU (the then IPGMR) of the country's highest medical college. Professor Nurul Islam, the founder Professor of the first private university of the country, acknowledged the meditation in the light of medical science in the Quantum First Silentation Cassette publication in 1993. After one and a half years, in June 2011 he participated in 331 batches of Quantum Method Course. He delivered the speech on the basis of the overall observation of Quantum Method.
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In the words, Patient cure themselves, Doctors show the way So you have to take responsibility for your well-being and healing. And be respectful of what God has given you to live a healthy life, be thankful. Get used to natural eating habits, walk regularly, exercise and live a tensile life. The biggest thing - stay away from those who do not have faith and hope. Always get in touch with the optimists, believers and good people. You will undoubtedly be good. In the Quantum Course, I heard the words of the great people laugh. Her excellent presentation style impressed me. In spite of that, he said less, but I noticed, standing on the stage, in an invisible spirit of power, he swept through the tide of joy and happiness I believe that his strength will increase day by day. Because his only purpose is to show people the way to a happy life. So the future of Quantum is bright. The continuity of this will continue to increase, and many people will be benefited. As a physician, I can say that Quantum's effectiveness is now a proven fact, which is beyond all controversy. I went to Lama in Bandarban. Quantum also adopted the same way as the great paternal grandmother and grandmasters adopted. There are many disadvantages of lack of food, education and medical care in remote hilly areas. Among the people who are deprived and needy, Quantum is spreading education and improved life. Quantum's great initiative proves that if honesty, honesty and honest-work colleagues are united, then there is nothing impossible to do.
My own attitude of moving forward with courage is going on. I believe sincerity and honesty are the best resources in life. So, while working as a professional, as well as when I got the opportunity, I worked for society. I did not hesitate to stand beside any good initiative of society. Quantum is such an initiative. I understand that Quantum's activities are just beginning. I pray that this institution will go forward to success and prosperity - to the Almighty. Indeed, Allah will reward you for this work, and I believe that every work of Quantum will have Allah's help and mercy. ##
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