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Russia-Ukraine conflict and Turkish drones ...


Turkey has been in favor of Ukraine from the beginning. In the last few years, Ukraine has entered into various military and economic agreements with Turkey. Turkey has bought drone engines from Ukraine, again selling drones to Ukraine. The two countries have a trade relationship of about 15 billion.

Rise of a “Drone Superpower?” Turkish Drones Upending Russia's Near Abroad  | Geopolitical Monitor

Turkey also did not recognize Russia's occupation of Crimea. Because the Crimean Tatars in the region are of Turkish descent. That is why Ankara has called Russia's move an illegal occupation.
However, Turkey sees the talks as the only way to resolve the existing problems between the two countries. It is also opposed to sending the US or British warships to the Black Sea. Putin's relationship with Erdogan is also good. On the other hand, the President of Ukraine has good relations with Volodymyr Zelensky. So here Turkey is maintaining its bilateral relations with both countries on the one hand, on the other hand as a member of NATO and standing by Ukraine for its bilateral relations. Russia is already aware of Turkey's position. Again, he sees discussion as the only way to solve this problem. Here Turkey is maintaining a policy of excellent balance.

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Can Turkey's killer drones change the outcome of the Russia-Ukraine war?         

Turkish drones have destroyed hundreds of Russian missiles in Syria, Libya, and Azerbaijan. The drone strikes in the area broke the enemy's backbone. So in Ukraine, too, many believe that Turkish drones will succeed against Russia and turn the tide of the war in Ukraine's favor. But let's not forget that if war breaks out in Ukraine, Russia will jump in with all its might. And the war will be on its very border. Not thousands of kilometers away like Libya or Syria. So I'm not sure how successful the Turkish drone is here.
Is this possible war a chance or an omen for Turkey?
If war breaks out, and it doesn't happen as it did in 2014, but if the West gets directly involved in the war, the balance in the region will be completely upset. The Black Sea will become a new battlefield.
If NATO sends warships to the American leadership in the Black Sea, then Turkey will also be involved in this war and then Russia will not hesitate to attack Turkey. Syria, Armenia, and even Greece could join the attack. So if such a war breaks out, Turkey will suffer more than Ukraine. That is why Turkish President Erdogan has repeatedly warned that we want to see the Black Sea as a sea of ​​peace, not a war.

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