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Iron Dome Israel's exclusive air defense system


The Iron Dome is one of Israel's most powerful defense weapons today Let's take a look at the Iron Dome, where most of Hamas's rocket-propelled grenades failed.

Israel's Iron Dome Blocks 90% of Rockets in Hamas Barrage From Gaza

1. Iron Dome Israel's short-range air defense system 6 It can destroy enemy rockets, missiles, and ammunition
2. Iron Dome has a range of 4 km. To 60 km6 That is, 4 km. If a rocket is fired from a short distance, the Iron Dome is unable to destroy it
3. It is very expensive It costs about 34 lakh rupees in Bangladeshi currency to launch each missile
4. Brie made the initial plans for the Iron Dome. J. Danny Gold 7 In fact, it is Israel's project, but the United States also has some shares
5. 3 parts of Iron Dome 6 These are:
(i). The radar detection unit
(ii). Battle Management and Control Unit
(iii). Missile firing unit 6
. Each missile firing unit has 3 launchers and each launcher can have 20 missiles. In other words, it is possible to fire 60 missiles from each Iron Dome battery
7. So far, Israel has deployed 5 Iron Dome batteries.

A New & Upgraded Version of the Iron Dome Tested – New Defence Order.  Strategy


Weaknesses and limitations:
1. The Iron Dome is capable of intercepting low-speed rockets but is weak against high-speed rockets.
2. When firing from a short distance, the Iron Dome becomes low effective.
3. Rapid Missile Firing can't digest the Iron Dome because Israel's Iron Dome is low. So if the missile is to do the rapid firing, the Iron Dome will become ineffective.

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