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Farmers and some talk


Farmer is just a word or it is the sum of a few words. If you think so, the sum of a few words, then your life philosophy is wrong in my opinion. To me, the word agriculture and farmer is feeling and love.


However, a section of our present society sees the agrarian society as a slightly smaller lower class of people. Since our country is dependent on agriculture, most of the people in our country are involved in agriculture in one way or another. If they are not involved today, their former men were involved in agriculture until yesterday.
From time immemorial, agriculture has been considered one of the livelihoods of mankind. The French philosopher Rousseau said, “Agriculture is the greatest and most glorious industry.

However, in the current situation, the farmers of our country are not very good, they are often deprived of fair prices. Farmers are being exploited like slaves by a class of extremist moneylenders. Again many farmers do not have their land, they cultivate there with other people's land. And Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country. Every year there is drought, flood, flood, heavy rain somewhere in the country. And this natural disaster reduces the number of crops. Extreme moneylenders are getting richer and the condition of farmers is getting worse day by day.

The way out of this situation is not very easy. But if the government comes forward, our peasant society will improve. If the government gives interest-free loans to the farmers and gives them more time to repay their loans, it is hoped that there will be some development in the farming community. On the other hand, if the government reduces the purchase price of all agricultural inputs like fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides such as VAT exemption and subsidy in various ways, the farming community will benefit a lot.

I am also a member of the farming community. We plant various high-yielding grasses on our land for our cattle. Such as Napier. This grass grows relatively fast. I regularly go to mow the lawn in the morning and the afternoon. I go to the field to do different farming and I feel very calm. Some labor donations for innocent animals bring a lot of peace of mind.

Sometimes walking along the river bank after cutting the lawn. My mind is so cheerful. You too have spent a part of the day in agriculture and you will see that the spirits will come to your mind.

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