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The Strategy i follow while shopping



Shopping is our one of the daily works. Someone like to to buy production from online and someone wants to buy from the stores physically. What about the format is we need to go through several shops for shopping. When it is about the daily necessary item then we need to to go to the market because the items like fish vegetables is not suitable to buy in online. The products which has some common features can be bought in online which is best choice in this pandemic situation. But when the situation was severe then we had to go to market for some daily shopping. In Bangladesh the shopping style and method is little bit different because here in market there are not only the traders but also farmers coming to the market for selling their products directly. In today's blog I shall explain the features or condition of the market local markets in Bangladesh and I shall share a strategy which I follow while shopping to get the best and this is the main part what I am suggesting you also to do so to be e-smart in shopping.

If I just go through the vegetable fish and meat market then I can see a lot of traders there who are purchasing goods from the root level farmers and selling at with some spread. But I don't like to to do shopping from there. This is because they had the product of previous times as well. If I want to get the fresh fish beef milk aur vegetables I need to go through the real and original farmers who are coming to the market with their products physically. Fresh products is not the only key factor I consider in that case. The price is another important factor you can come to the. The price is comparatively low because they are not gaining any spread from their product. If they can sell it just little bit higher that Desire then they are happy and satisfied.

The third issue what is just matter of humanity. The traders are normally the reach people in our society compared with the farmers. Farmers basically hard worker and spend that time money and Labour for cultivating the crops. In hot summer and winter as well even in rainy season it is very much tough work for a farmer to cultivate their vegetables or fish meat. But they are not gaining much from their levar because here there are the traders who are getting much more benefits with only trading. So the main reason behind my bird reading from the farmers directly that is to pay them some money e extra so that they can get some reward for their hard work and also coming to the market with the vegetables that is another hard work. If I event pay some extra money to the farmers what that is there and that price is not as much as the traders asking for the product. So why not I should do so. If all of us do in the similar way the farmers will encourage to come to the market with their products and they will have less chance to left their product unsold. So this is very different thinking which normal people don't think about their ages was to get the product at convenience store in front of them. But I spend some time searching for those farmers. In Bangladesh you can also do so if you like to I think it's good for the society as the traders will get customers always because they will be in the market for day long. But the farmers can be seen in the market only for certain period of time in the morning because they had some work throughout the day in the field. So I think this is not bad for the traders as well if I just only talked about the farmers and discourage to buy from the traders then traders has business and they need to get some profit as well. Those who shop in the morning can try this where or strategy to have benefit from the both end of the farmer and you. Thank you very much for stopping by


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