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The Change of Situation and Weather along with market condition



It is the first day of Bengali New Year. Here in Bangladesh we have Six Seasons. But now a days the change of the weather is not as repeat as previous times of two months interval. The weather is changing so rapidly. Environmental pollution can be one of the reason behind this kind of situation. In summer we can have experience of of very hot weather and in winter it is also so severe cold. But in rainy season v we can see e lower rainfall than the previous situation. The environmental expert should look into the matter. I think there should have some proper research on this issues specially on the perspective of Bangladesh. We can see polyethylene here and there and huge problem with the drainage system. Most of the rivers are are losing its full phase of water. But in rainy season it is flooded. The overall situation is is the alarming indicator and changing very rapidly.

With the change of world climate we can see some adverse situation throughout the world. In the first photograph you can see e vegetable Garden behind me. These are cultivated in the winter season here commonly in Bangladesh. This is the land of cauliflower. And where very much famous I must say because of this kind of vegetables cultivation in the winter season. But nowadays we are facing some problem with the price of vegetables has winter has gone. The price of most of the vegetables are now twice or thrice of that time. The holy month of Ramadan is going on and in that situation where experiencing price change sharply not only vegetables but also other ingredients related to food. For example the price of the chicken has been increased by about 40%. Fish market is stable as we are good at Fish cultivation. The price of egg and onion is also under control which two are the main consumable items. The price of rice is also in increasing pattern which is the main food item of Bangladesh. Overrun it is still reasonable I must say but if the trend of vegetables price follow such kind of pattern then it will be e out of range for many of the daily income level group. The problem with the daily income level group is lockdown. In this lockdown they cannot earn as much as previous times and with the same time if the price of vegetable goes high then it will be very much problem for them to consume. For the high price they cannot consume beef mutton chicken so visitable is very much reasonable for them in the context of their price and income level. So we are just hoping for the better days because if the situation goes in that way then there will be problem for the lower and lower middle income group largely.

With the change of covid-19 situation transportation problem is huge so it is obvious and very true that the price of the natural commodities will go high. Transportation is a way which is the key indicator of price change because most of the consumable item has to be transferred from one place to another place. If there is a problem with the transportation and supply chain then obviously the price of the item increases. So in that situation of holy month of Ramadan we need to stand beside the lower income group level people so that they can at least take the necessary food for them and their family. Thanks all for stopping by and try to contribute from your end and do your part.


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