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Washing is our regular day to day task.  If you just look at the detergents, we can see a competition among different companies to make that detergent stronger for better performance.  But whenever it is making chemical is stronger for washing performance obviously it will have some Residue on the clothes which is not hygienic all the time for the kids and the wearer of the cloth.

So, we can say that detergent is not eco-friendly in case of washing. We need to consume a certain amount of detergent for washing our cloth that is another problem which is associated with cost.  Here I have a better solution today I am going to share today.

Electrolytes is a technology which can eliminate that from our cloth.  This is just an electrolyte-based washing ball which can be used after recharging.  The process is pretty simple you just need to recharge the ball and need to place it with clothes in washing machine then you will get the result.

The performance of each is even better from detergent and most importantly there is no Residue on the cloth which may be unhygienic and unhealthy for our skin. Here is the link I am sharing of the project which is published in Kickstarter.  I hope you will find this useful and it is very much eco-friendly product which will help us in many ways like saving using chemicals and the cost associated with washing.

If we have some deep thinking that we can also consider some other things like the water And Technology being used and consumed for making detergent is also huge.  So, in that context we can also save so. We can save water. And we can help in making this planet better and convenient for us. Thank you all for stopping by and check the link for details.


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