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Problem Solving in Life



I am going to talk about how I solve my problems in my daily life. I shall discuss about four issues which I just maintain during getting any problem face in my life. I try to solve this problem with **four techniques** which I used frequently in this time of problem solving.


So, first of all whenever I just face any problem, I just differentiate this problem weather is is barrier or problem. You know there are two things one is problem which is a very much easier or solvable but barrier is difficult to overcome. You need to overcome it. Most of the cases it is not solvable so if it is problem then I just keep in mind that this is not a huge problem or big issue rather this is very simple issue and I should deal this problem with a very simple way. I just set a mindset that this problem is not a big problem rather is a very simple problem. I have faced so many big problems in my life and solved it nicely. I just put it (install it) in my mind.

Second thing which I just try to motivate myself in that way that after rain you know that is a sunshine. So, this problem also will not last long because the problem is solvable. How much time it will take and how much afford it will take that is not the matter of issue I just keep in mind set it to motivate myself to inspire me in the way that if in my life I have solved a lot of such problems in my life. I will be able to solve this problem so this is the mind-set. So, I can easily overcome this problem in my life that is my second option. I just focus on the result because this problem will not be anymore one day. Sometime I will be I get rid of this problem. So, in that way, I try to inspire myself so that I can I do this job very efficiently. I can at least get some courage to solve this problem with the enthusiastic manner.


Third one is I always try to talk to my close persons like an event is related to my professional life. I just try to talk with some close colleagues who are very much helpful and will just give me a good suggestion. Sometimes different idea to tackle any situation is comes from different mind. I may be superior to them but sometimes I may not find the good or better way under stress of the problem. So, in this case getting suggestions from around people is really helpful. Many Minds many idea and choices. So, it’s better to talk to the closest persons of mine who are very much helpful and trustworthy to me to discuss on this issue and hopefully they can give me the better way to solve this problem. Or I try to discuss with other family members or people around me on the society who is just as suggesting me in a good way all the time. I try to talk to them so that they can give me some good suggestion on these issues.

Finally, fourth one is after doing all these things are really go to the mosque or prayer room for asking for the solution to this problem to the almighty that I do because whatever I afford I do but if it is not just suggested or directed by the almighty then it will not be possible to solve this problem. In these four things I normally try all these to solve problem in my professional, education or any sphere of life.


I think you found this useful. Thanks.

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