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Priority of Veg items in food



I am not a expert of nutrient and food but still I feel that vegetable should be the priority in this holy month of Ramadan. In this holy month we Muslims fasting. For about 14 hours here in Bangladesh we don't take any food or drinks. In several countries the time is different according to the axis of the world. In some countries it is of about eight hours or in some countries it is about more than 15 hours as well. So it is compulsory for a Muslim to fasting without any exception. And the the period is about 1 month full out of a year. Most of the doctors say that this is very much scientific because all the poisonous and toxic elements are being removed with fasting. We can see such kind of tradition in some other religions as well.

I have both the way experience with couple of friends and surrounding people in this month of Ramadan. One group those who are fasting but still take food even higher than the previous time when they were not in fasting mood. And this group takes food throughout the night what after war and most of those are very rich food full of fat protein. Another group is taking unlimited food even after fasting tonight. That take two eyes small amount of food in the night. And that group are held their group and they can spend much more time in offering prayer and doing other works. But the first group spend most of the time with sleeping and waiting for the night to come. I think the objectives and the way of doing of the first group is not totally correct what I can say from my experience and my personal opinion.

Although the ultimate objective of fasting is to over the guidance of religion but still there are some help with if it is well and if we just behave like the first group then the objective will not be achieved that I can that's why I have chosen the vegetable in the first priority in this Ramadan at least because if we take less and take veg item then I think it will be helpful for us to fulfill the objectives of the Holy month of Ramadan where it is suggested to offer more and more fair in the daytime and night as well because a lot of reward is awarded in this month and this is the most Holy month of the calendar in context of Islamic theology.


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