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Pigeon || Adopting in Bangladesh



Contributing from the end of the the marginal people to the socio economic development of the country is good initiative. What we can see around us is is a contribution from the people throughout the country to do something based on agriculture Birds fish vegetables rooftop gardening and many more. This is what the demand of a country to have the contribution of the people to the economic development and food security of the country. If we are involved much with agriculture that it is possible for us to to see your food along with nutrients fats like protein sources.

Pigeon is a come on bird which is farming by many of the people around me who are familiar to me. It's not a bad idea to utilise the time of leisure. Specially in the morning and afternoon time people are are out of work and they don't have any special work except shopping. In that time taken do such kind of things of farming vegetables fishes like biofloc technology or birds as well. This is helping them to fulfill their protein demand and sometimes when it's in Big Arena they can also sell those birds are fishes to get some money. Subah utilising the spare time contribution for the agriculture and food security and having some economic benefit is really awesome. This is what the tendency we can see e Mini number of people. It is available in even Dhaka city as well because it is not a difficult task which can be achieved by children of 10 years as well.

My immediate boss have such kind of pigeon farm on the rooftop of his old house. Sometimes she invite me to visit there and I go with my college to what's the beauty of the birds and the lifestyle. It is obviously a great initiative and nice project he is just spending his spare time with the birds and I feel that when I go there that this is his friends like. I think this Birds talk to him when they get him. This is another amazing experience.

Photographs you can see are from not of the form of my college rather it is from the building where I live. The landlord of the house is cultivating this Birds like pigeon. This is possible by her although she is not here in the house. Care taker is assigned this work as a part time work to just feed those pigeon. Even when you are not at near to the the farm you can also nursing them with some simple and silly afford. So I think it is an easy and simple task but you need to have some determination and consistency of work. After establishments it's just simple task of feeding and sometimes nothing those business and you can have good harvest. Thanks all for stopping by


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